Duracell Industrial Alkaline Batteries

Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline "mercury free" batteries from one of the World's largest battery manufacturers. Brand leaders in both the USA and Europe with its environmentally friendly product range that meet all EEC regulations. High quality, reliable batteries are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure peak performance.

Can Style Model Voltage Pack Qty's Inner/Outer  
LR03 AAA MN2400 1.5v 10/100 Datasheet
LR6 AA MN1500 1.5v 10/100 Datasheet
LR14 C MN1400 1.5v 10/50 Datasheet
LR20 D MN1300 1.5v 10/50 Datasheet
6LR61 PP3 9v MN1604 9v 10/50 Datasheet
3LR12 MN1203 4.5v 10 Datasheet

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